An Interview with English Study Program

On Thursday afternoon, April 3rd, I sat with Yani Adyawardhani, the Head of English Study Program talking about the development of this newly born department which has already absorbed two classes with 58 students in two years.

Q    Bu Yani, what is our latest news in this English department? I heard this program will be soon legalized as one of important departments in POLBAN?

A    Directorate General of Higher Education has already approved its legalization as a department, but so far, we are still waiting for the letter of decree from Director of Politeknik Negeri Bandung. As a department there will be a lot of works to do when the agreement has been published.

Q    As an impact of the coming approval, do you have any plan to actualize?

A    Yes, as usual just like other departments in POLBAN, we have to complete all organizational structures to be more well prepared to meet a standard accreditation in the future. And I am thinking of getting more financial sources for this department by making more relationship with industries or anything that may be regarded as something to widen our academic horizon, we can try hard to get, for example, TPSDP program, or may be we can also build good relationship with other institutions who have the same interest in education, either a local institution or international institutions. I think, English department can be designed as one of Polban assets to go international

Q    In the future, what might be possible to develop under this English study program?

A    Well, under the English study Program, I think, designing translation study as a sub-program will enlighten the atmosphere because we need skilled people to do the job as translators. Also, we can answer the demand of translators in industrial sector.

Q    To go deeper into the core of this English program, can you tell me a bird view of the curriculum that enables this department to answer the demand?

A    Obviously, the language skill must be strengthened. What makes it different from other English department is, our department must be lead into industrial sector as the target market so the material given in the classroom must also be lead into the business line. In short, we can learn English with business mind in both written and oral communication.

Q    What about research? What types of research will be conducted by the students when they have reached the final semester given that this department has a bit different orientation from other English departments in Bandung?

A    In its application, this department will allow students to have more understanding about English in industrial sector, so any researches in companies which use more English in their day-to-day communication will be much appreciable, but I am thinking of widening the research horizon. For example, students can be asked to translate scientific genres as their final assignments which may in another form of research style.

Q    I think, both lectures and students must be both ready to write their researches. By the way, do students have to write their research in English or Bahasa Indonesia?

A    They must write their final assignments in English, of course! We will work hard for this program. Even the lecturers should also be prepared with research specification. Some lectures can come up with their research in writing, translating, or may be education in general. We will build a research atmosphere here, in the English study program starting by paddling our own canoe to develop. ***


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